WordPress and Joomla

champlainwebsites.com | Burlington, VT - WordPress DeveloperWordPress has become the most widely used Content Management Systems (CMSs) in recent years. One of many reasons WordPress rose to the top is because it’s open source. It was first released in 2003 primarily as a blogging platform. When version 3 came along, it enabled WordPress to be used for nearly every type of website including ecommerce. That’s when its popularity really took off, and the number of developers working on themes and plugins for WordPress exploded.

If you see a function you like on a popular website that you would like to incorporate into your WordPress website, there are probably already 2 or 3 plugins designed for that purpose. I have a core set of plugins I use for all basic features of any given website, but there are often needs particular to the project that need a specialized plugin. Testing and customization of plugins are a few of the many ways I can help you with your website.

champlainwebsites.com | Burlington, VT - Joomla DeveloperJoomla has been around longer than WordPress and has a loyal core of developers that number in the thousands. It is another open source CMS that, in my opinion, is better suited for large websites because of its intuitive article manager. I only recommend Joomla for large websites with several categories of organization.

Over the years, Joomla developers have created extensions for nearly every conceivable website need. With Joomla’s most recent upgrade (which some feel is a game changer), websites are able to be built natively in HTML5, bringing them closer to being “App Ready”. The biggest downside to Joomla at this point is the small number of responsive templates available, but that problem will decrease over time.

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