Website Hosting

I not only build websites, I host them as well over at Champlain Host. With my hosting plans, you will be given access to your own control panel where depending on your level of service, you can have unlimited domain names and unlimited sub-domains. I offer support for WordPress and Joomla websites and can assist with other issues with HTML, JavaScript, PHP and more.

Disaster Recovery

I offer what most hosting companies either charge quite a bit for or don’t offer at all. Automatic Backups. Monthly backups of databases and quarterly backup of files come with every level of service. They can be adjusted to suit your needs, even on a temporary basis. For instance, you may want more frequent database backups while you’re making several updates to your site over a period of days or weeks. Database backups are held for at least 2 months before they are deleted on a rolling basis. You can download your backups manually to your computer.

Perfect for a small or large business because they can built to any scale. Depending on how the database is designed, a site can be as simple as a public blog or be more complex than a state-wide business directory. People who need access to the content on their website, to change, update or delete text or inventory, need a dynamic website.

Search Engine Optimization

It took Google to make this an actual job, because simply put, SEO stands for “how to get noticed on Google”. Knowing how to create a Google-friendly site is an important first step, but it is only the first step. Google searches are done with a secret set of algorithms that determine the ranking of the search results. I didn’t do very well with algorithms in school, but I was an excellent reader. I’ve done a lot of reading on this subject, and have much more to read since this is an evolving service. Adding a Google AdWords or a Yahoo Overture account is a good supplement to this process.


Salt River Graphics’ SiteBuilder, a custom built online website builder with a content management system designed for those who need a quick and simple way to create and edit the pages on their website. You don’t need to download any software, so you can use any computer with internet access to control your content. When you see how easy SiteBuilder is to use, you will wonder how you ever got along without a CMS.


By setting up an internet storefront, you can open your business to the world. Many types of companies have taken advantage of the iStore idea. Some, like, exist almost entirely on the internet. Every company has individual needs when it comes to transactions. Using PayPal is an easy way to get started. All you need is an account to get started. We can add items that you want to sell online to the account as needed. PayPal provides the code for the page and links the transaction to your account. PayPal does charge a small fee for this service.

If you would like more control over the process, I can work with databases to create a place for customers to create accounts on your website. This route is more costly to create, but it gives you valuable demographic information about your customers that can be used in targeted advertising campaigns.

Other Services offers a wide variety of services that range from a simple logo design to a complex database driven website. Because I can do it all, and because I offer discounts for multiple projects, you can save much needed time and money by choosing for your web and print needs.

Each project has unique design challenges that can affect the final price. If you interested in a ball park estimate, please contact me with the details of your project, and I will be happy to give you a prompt free estimate.