Nunyuns Bakery

This was one of Champlain Host’s first customers. Using photos from an afternoon photo shoot, I tweaked an existing theme to incorporate the client’s food photos. A custom Facebook application was also created to draw posts from the client’s Facebook Page into the website.

Jarvis, McArthur & Williams

Law Firm websites are usually pretty straight forward. Getting content from the client was the biggest challenge here. I made a few questionnaires for the lawyers that helped draw out the information I needed in order to write the content with SEO in mind. The photography was easy compared to that.

Using Google Sites for Project Management

In this Google Docs (now Drive) tutorial, I am writing with the following hosting and registrar configuration: registrar is for domain registration only. Hosting provider is where I have control over my email (MX Records) and domain redirection (CNAME Records). I used GoDaddy as a registrar and Bluehost for hosting (though this also applies to HostGator). Read More …