Windows and Doors by Brownell

My favorite and longest lasting client. My point of contact is Marketing Director April Bolin (full disclosure: I used to work with April at the Burlington Free Press years ago) who has been a joy to work with. Over the years she has taken over most of the content management and rarely needs my assistance with implementing any changes. Anything with complicated layouts or the addition new functionality still requires my services, but it’s great to know that she’s comfortable at the wheel of this website. The website was originally built from scratch and made extensive use of Flash. All updates had to go through me because there was no CMS and using Dreamweaver or writing code wasn’t part of April’s job. In 2008 I switched the website over to Joomla.

In recent years, with the gaining popularity of mobile devices, we’ve discussed another update to the CMS. With such an image intensive site, having a CMS that can handle the heavy load without suffering long page loads will be key. We’re looking hard at WordPress.